We’re at a market research agency somewhere on Mars. Clint and Mod are reviewing the interview guide for last-minute changes. Meanwhile, the arriving respondents are asked to take a seat in the waiting room.

Clint: You did book an interpreter for this evening, didn’t you?
Mod: Yes, of course. He should be here any minute now.

An hour later:

Mod: Reesie, are you sure you booked the interpreter?
Reesie: Let me check.

(Reesie checks her e-mail for Terp’s confirmation message)

Reesie: Mod? I think I boobed. I can’t find Terp’s confirmation … I guess that means we, er, don’t have an interpreter.
Mod:    That’s not good. What do we do now? I mean I could do the interpreting myself, but I have to moderate … Do I have to do everything myself?
Reesie: I’m soooo sorry! I really don’t know what to say.
Mod:    Well, you’re going to have to come up with something!
Reesie: I know! I’ll call Magic. They always know what to do.
Mod:    Great idea! God, I hope they can send an interpreter.

Magic answers the phone: Magic marketing support. How can we help you?
Reesie: Hi Magic. Hey, I forgot to book an interpreter for this evening, can you believe it?

Magic to herself: Yes, actually, I can….

Magic: OK Reesie, well let me see what I can do for you. I assume the interviews have to be interpreted into English?
Ressie: That’s right.
Magic: How many interviews will there be and how many respondents?
Reesie: Two interviews of 1.5 hours each with 6 respondents.
Magic: OK, and when do the interviews start?
Reesie: At 5.
Magic: OK. It’s now 3:30, which doesn’t give the interpreter a lot of time to get there before you start.
Reesie: At this stage, anytime the interpreter gets here is a good time.

Reserve Terp answers the phone: Terp, good afternoon, how can I help?
Magic: Hi Terp. Listen, you can say no, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Would you be interested in traveling to Mars today to interpret 2 groups of 1.5 hours?
Reserve Terp: Sure Magic, no probs. Let me just deliver this assignment, close my laptop, and I’ll be on my way.
Magic: You’re a gem – so flexible. I really appreciate it.
Reserve Terp:    No probs, Magic, you know me, anytime it fits, I’ll be there.

In the meantime, Terp is at reception at the market research agency.

Terp:   Hi, I’m Terp.
Reesie: That was fast. Magic said it would take you at least an hour and a half to get here.
Terp:   Magic? Never heard of them.
Reesie: But, I don’t get it.
Terp:   You booked me last week, remember?
Reesie: Well apparently not, because I just booked an interpreter with Magic. Oh man, is this Monday or what?
Terp:   It’s Tuesday actually.
Reesie: Grrr…. Right, let me take you to Mod…

Magic answers the phone: Magic marketing support. How can we help you?
Reesie: Hi Magic, it’s Reesie again. Listen, we found the interpreter.
Magic:  You F O U N D the interpreter?
Reesie: Yeah, seems he got lost somewhere in the building. I’m really sorry, but can you cancel the interpreter I just asked you to book?
Magic:  Sure Reesie. Don’t get me wrong,  but do you think your could search the building first next time before calling for an interpreter? That would be really great.
Reesie: Of course, Magic, I really am sorry.

Reserve Terp answers the phone: Hi Magic. New job already?
Magic, huffing and puffing: No. This is unbelievable, you don’t have to go to Mars today, they found the interpreter.
Reserve Terp: They huh? F O U N D  the interpreter? Wow, what happened, did he suddenly appear out of nowhere or did they pluck one off the street?
Magic: Apparently he got lost in the building ….

Reserve Terp hangs up, laughs out loud and thinks: “In ter preter. Interpreter, where are you? Interpreter, you CAN come out now. Interpreter, please, we neeeeeeed yooooooooouuuuu.”

(In case you’re wondering, this really happened and it wasn’t the first time …. )