Our customers appreciate our ability to complement their message with our experience. They also value our inquisitiveness and the effort we put into writing their texts. Timely, reliable and high-quality are some of the words our customers use to describe their relationship with us. Our ability to understand our customers’ corporate culture and address their audience in the appropriate tone of voice enables us to get their message across in the most compelling of ways.

Different people define a “good” translation in different ways, but there’s one thing we all consider important: a translation should never read like a translation, but like a text that you or someone in your company has written. At Cedilla, we believe that a good translation is not only done by someone with excellent language skills, but by someone who also understands your business. In 99.9% of the cases, we deliver texts that can go straight to the printer.

Our network of fine translators enables us to provide high-quality translations in a variety of subject areas and languages.

We use Déjà Vu and memoQ, both user-friendly and intuitive translation memory and terminology management tools that are fully compatible with Trados.